Wells to Glastonbury

Location: Glastonbury

Project Type: Portable Water Mains

Client: Bristol Water

Project Duration: 34 weeks

Contract Value: £4m

This project is a £6million capital investment by Bristol Water to provide a secondary supply route between Wells and Glastonbury for the purposes of maintaining a safe supply of water.

The procurement of the scheme was fast tracked through via the two existing Network Maintenance Service Contract Strategic Partners.

Award was via the existing Network Maintenance Service Contract Framework in the form of an NEC Term Service Contract (Option C). Our Framework incentive mechanism applied, scoring specific KPI’s against performance in calculation of any pain/gain on scheme completion.

An anticipated programme duration of 34 weeks substantially reduced regulatory risk for Bristol Water with significant improvements on the original anticipated programme duration (anticipated completion October 2022), comfortably achieving the regulatory in use date (March 2023).

ECI was integral to the delivery model from the outset, our proven relationship with Bristol Water on ECI holds successes in providing both robust technical solutions, meeting needs of the operational teams and its customers, whilst providing a cost-effective solution.

Following a detailed tender process, we were appointed as sole Delivery Partner to engage in detailed ECI and assist with developing the design in partnership with the inhouse Bristol Water design team.

Our ECI strategy was to investigate and minimize risk whilst extracting and exploring opportunities for an efficient and cost beneficial delivery programme for Bristol Water, this included:

  • Development of access and egress routes
  • Consultation with external stakeholders (Landowners, EA, Highways)
  • Environmental management
  • Value engineering opportunities
  • Engagement with specialist supply chain – for example, horizontal directional drilling ‘HDD’

On receipt of award, the in-house design team were immediately integrated into our One-Team model and in conjunction with the expertise of our design manager and construction team, formed an integral part of our One-Team delivery model. Our inspired One-Team approach guaranteed a collaborative partnership from the outset and facilitated an efficient and coordinated design process for Bristol Water. Our responsibility during the design process was to review suitability and efficiency of the outline design, planned construction methodology & proposed route to collaboratively develop the final design. Temporary works designs for the entire project were procured and managed by our directly employed Design Manager.

During this stage, we developed the delivery strategy.

HDD would be delivered by GMAC Utilities, a long-term strategic supply chain partner. Open cut sections were being delivered by our directly employed skilled workforce. Paramount to the success of the scheme was our ‘One Team’ approach between the stakeholders, this reinforced the utmost of confidence from Bristol Water in our delivery strategy and structure. Our expert review and value engineering proposals identified multiple potential improvements to both installation technique, route and process. Key proposals which determined major design decisions and changes, ensuring the most efficient and risk-mitigated end product for Bristol Water. In addition to our key role in the design process, we also offered Bristol Water a further £240k of potential value engineering savings:

  • Use of excavated material as bed and surround -£100k
  • Alternative route -£100k
  • Specification of pipe material -40k

A review of the route identified the most efficient installation technique, HDD was selected for over 1.5KM of the pipeline to mitigate ground and environmental risk through the Internationally important Somerset Levels and Moors. Depth, route adjustments and methodology all forming part of our design proposal with a focus on the location of permanent operational apparatus in line with the project brief.

During the pre-construction phase, an access/egress plan was agreed with all Stakeholders through early engagement by identifying all landowners and agreeing the most efficient access/egress routes and locations for compounds. This ensured enabling and reinstatement works were agreed in advance, mitigating third party late changes and future programme risk.

A central main compound location housed the shared project office facility, material storage and waste processing facilities.

Our yard team operated a quarantine zone for deficient/damaged materials to reinforce our uncompromised quality standards. Three satellite compounds housed our site-based welfare and material storage, facilitating direct to site deliveries, mitigating double handling and reducing vehicle movements.

To assist with achieving our net zero carbon commitment by 2040, we installed a permanent power supply connection for the main compound, removing the need for temporary diesel power generation. A HVO fueling station for plant also achieved a 90% reduction in C02 emissions.

Works commenced on site early, we were appointed as Principal Contractor with Bristol Water retaining the role of Principal Designer. Although the Bristol Water in house team retained control of producing the design, our commitment and appointment through the ECI process and our value engineering proposals were integral to completing the final design as a combined collaborative delivery partnership.

CDM15 regulations were discharged through the development of a detailed construction phase plan and through collaborative working. The design was approved through a detailed design process review, regular meetings and early engagement, retaining a collaborative relationship with the team. Our Stakeholders remained at the heart of the delivery, through conducting weekly progress meetings for the duration of the scheme covering design, construction progress, environmental and 3rd party interfaces.

A delivery gang structure was created from our highly experienced directly employed staff and workforce. Our in-house training team facilitated training requirements ahead of commencement. Our self-delivery teams were supplemented with specialist subcontractors whom we had longstanding relationships, e.g., HDD.

Works were constructed offline on up to six work-fronts, varying between site preparation, open cut, directional drilling and reinstatement, simultaneously working across the 5km route. Construction operations were managed by our own highly experienced directly employed site management team supported by our in-house SHEQ department.

The scheme comprised two critical interfaces with Bristol Water live assets.

Although we pride ourselves with our vast experience operating on Bristol Water’s live assets through our Strategic Partnership Framework, in both cases, connections will be undertaken by Bristol Water Operations. Throughout the commissioning stage, assistance from our expert management and delivery teams will ensure a seamless interface between the specialisms.

Although not forecast to be completed until October 2022, the project is well underway to ensure future resilience in the water supply to the residents of Glastonbury. Our key role through design and construction has reinforced our commitment and expertise as the Strategic Partner of choice for Bristol Water, this is testament to the trust and collaboration forming the foundation of our partnership.


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