Mains Renewal & Trenchless

We innovate trenchless installation techniques to replace both clean and sewer pipelines, increasing our installation efficiency and reducing the impact on the local community and environment.

Urban environments pose a challenge with restricted space and fast-moving environments. Our trenchless capability reduces cost and disruption within our towns and cities via quicker install and reduced impact on the local community and environment. Combined with our first-time reinstatement approach, we provide a proactive and thorough class leading service.

Our specialist people assess and advise on network modelling scenarios in determining specifications and installation techniques, complimented by our modern fleet of innovative trenchless technology equipment.
Using historic and existing assets in conjunction with on-line trenchless technologies, we minimise cost, increase efficiency and enhance the reputation of our long-term partnerships.

Through community engagement, we ensure that we get to know our communities. Our aim is to enhance the environments around us and leave a lasting positive legacy in the communities that we work in.

Successful renovation works include:

  • Our appointment as strategic partner on the Bristol Water AMP7 network maintenance service contract delivers in excess of 10km of new potable water main a year to communities in and around Bristol. We successfully deliver over 80% of this via no dig & trenchless technology.


  • In the Rhymney Valley, South Wales, we renovated over 12km of water main in collaboration with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water as part of their drinking water quality improvement works.


  • Our Wessex Water framework delivered over 36km of renovated water main, improving the water quality for communities in Taunton, over the contract term we value engineered and removed over 8km of main refurbishment through rezoning opportunities and refurbishment techniques.

Stages of mains renovation


Initial project review & optioneering

Engaged at scheme concept, the collaborative team meet and review scheme specific requirements. Priority, condition and local constraints factored into the proposed programme approach and construction methodology. Scope is agreed for further investigation.


Site investigation

Investigative works are conducted on site, condition assessments, trial holes and ground samples are taken. Existing apparatus are identified, studied and marked up where required.
We engage with the local community, identifying unique requirements such as access and local events to ensure we minimise the impact of our work, striving to help and assist where we can. Engagement with youth groups, Parish Councils and neighbourhood groups assist us in identifying community objectives to identify projects or assistance we can provide whilst working within the community.



Either via our in-house capability for a full design and build solution, or working as part of the collaborative team, the site investigation results are interpreted in conjunction with the optioneering outcome to produce the project design.


Planning and scheduling

Efficient planning is key.

We put into motion the required permits, permissions and authorities to proceed with the works including road notices, planning applications, network access permissions, valving and network operation requirements and community contact and liaison.



Our specialist teams with expert local geographical knowledge mobilise to site and begin construction.

Opportunities for community engagement initiatives come to life, our volunteering and community give back programme is engaged with the opportunities identified in the investigation stage of the project.

The ultimate foundation of project success is the integration and engagement of our stakeholders into one collaborative and effective unit.


Post construction

Handover packs are completed, final surveys and presentation of as built designs, GIS update and related project data.

Wraxall Road

Wraxall Road

The Wraxall Road scheme is being delivered for Bristol Water as part of an overall package of 10.5km of water mains renovation.

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Maerdy to Pontypridd

Maerdy to Pontypridd

As part of the AMP 6 programme DCWW has recognised the need to replace the existing asset due to high leakage and poor performance for many years.

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